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An ode to Verne Lundquist’s calls and everything college basketball

About Us

We’re basically just college basketball diehards who watch nothing but hoops all day, every day from November-April when class doesn’t interfere. Our heroes are Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery. We also love Verne Lundquist for botching the call of the greatest moment in Northwestern State basketball history.

16 Responses to “About Us”

  1. Dan said

    Nobody’s better than Gus Johnson and Bill Raftery, except for Dick Enberg of course. Give him some love too!!!

    Lundquist’s forgot the “state” but it was still a memorable call! To me, it’s up there with Gus Johnson’s “The Runner” (the slipper still fits!).

  2. Doug Agan said

    Great Blog guys. As a Davidson guy I am sure you have underestimated how good we still are, but time will show you, and all will be right in the universe.

  3. Zach said


    We both have them in our Top 25, brotha.

  4. Matt Prehm said

    Hey guys! Great Blog! I run a blog at that follows the Oregon Ducks and their basketball and football teams. I’d love to add you to my blogroll and you can do the same if thats cool!

    Get in touch with me at


    Ducks Attack Editor

  5. Great site, keep it up!

    Check out this UWM Basketball Blog if you get a free chance…. or maybe it just won’t be interesting enough until the Panthers of Milwaukee battle back to national visibility.. lol. It might just be this or next year!

    Take it easy, and keep the articles rolling.

    -victorpanther, UWM class of ’05

  6. Great blog guys. Clearly Patrick is the smartest of the group since he has Minn considered for his top 25! I stumbled upon this, was happy to see a Gopher Nation link and most importantly love to see a blog inspired by a win over Iowa.

    I too am a total basketball junkie and watch BB as often as my wif lets me. Go mid-majors and go Gophers!

    Gopher Nation

    on a side note, I’ll be moving GopherNation to a new blog and will reciprocate a link when we get set up.

  7. Sportsattitude said

    Enjoyed my first visit to your blog very much. Hope you’ll check out my site at College basketball just around the corner and I plan on visiting your site often. Adding you to my blogroll and hope you’ll consider doing the same.

  8. Zach said

    Thanks. Added you to the personal favorites section. I hope you feel honored.

  9. Daniel said

    You guys do a good job here. This will definitely be a blog I’ll check out daily. By the way, come visit! (shameless promotion, yes, but any publicity is good publicity)

  10. Zach said

    Thanks Daniel. I’ll add to the blogroll.

  11. David said

    I always check out your blog on a daily basis. A lot of good stuff, thanks for putting it out.

    Another shameless promotion, but I just started my College Hoops Blog, Check it out!

  12. Zach said

    Definitely adding your blog to our sidebar. Thanks David.

  13. Guys this is a really great site, I am going to be checking it out a lot. I run a site would you please add us to your blog roll and we will do the same. Thanks, Erik

  14. Sorry the site is , not sure what happened.

  15. Zach said

    I got it and added it to the blogroll. Appreciate it, man.

  16. Would also like to exchange links in your blog roll. I’m a basketball columnist at

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