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Zach’s Weekly Top 25

Posted by Zach on November 23, 2008

Monday, November 24 (previous ranking in parentheses)

1. North Carolina (1)
2. Connecticut (2)
3. Louisville (3)
4. Pittsburgh (7)
5. Michigan State (5)
6. Duke (9)
7. Notre Dame (6)
8. Gonzaga (8)
9. Purdue (10)
10. Oklahoma (11)
11. Texas (12)
12. Arizona State (13)
13. Marquette (14)
14. Tennessee (15)
15. UCLA (4)
16. Wake Forest (17)
17. Georgetown (20)
18. Miami-FL (16)
19. Baylor (21)
20. Xavier (NR)
21. Florida (NR)
22. Wisconsin (22)
23. Kansas (23)
24. Syracuse (24)
25. Clemson (NR)

Just missed: Memphis, Villanova, UNLV, Saint Mary’s, Davidson, LSU, UAB.
Dropped out: Southern Cal, Memphis, UNLV.


9 Responses to “Zach’s Weekly Top 25”

  1. Patrick said

    Patrick’s Top 25:

    1.North Carolina(1)
    6.Michigan State(5)
    7.Notre Dame(7)
    14.Arizona State(13)
    16.Wake Forest(17)
    24.Xavier (NR)
    25.Washington State(NR)

    Just Missed: Memphis, Villanova, Syracuse, Clemson, Baylor

    Dropped Out: USC, Memphis

  2. Tommy said

    Tommy’s Top 25

    1. North Carolina (1)
    2. Connecticut (2)
    3. Louisville (3)
    4. Michigan State (5)
    5. Duke (9)
    6. Pittsburgh (7)
    7. Notre Dame (6)
    8. Purdue (10)
    9. Gonzaga (8)
    10. Oklahoma (10)
    11. UCLA (4)
    12. Arizona State (13)
    13. Texas (12)
    14. Marquette (14)
    15. Tennessee (15)
    16. Wake Forest (17)
    17. Georgetown (20)
    18. Xavier (NR)
    19. Miami-FL (16)
    20. Wisconsin (22)
    21. Florida (NR)
    22. UNLV (23)
    23. Kansas (23)
    24. Michigan (NR)
    25. Davidson (24)

    Just Missed: Memphis, Baylor, Syaracuse, Villanova, Clemson, LSU

    Dropped Out: USC, Memphis

  3. Brian said

    Here’s how I see it:

    1. North Carolina (1)
    2. Connecticut (2)
    3. Louisville (3)
    4. Michigan State (4)
    5. Texas (5)
    6. Pittsburgh (6)
    7. Tennessee (7)
    8. Purdue (8)
    9. Notre Dame (9)
    10. Duke (16)
    11. Gonzaga (12)
    12. Arizona State (13)
    13. UCLA (10)
    14. Oklahoma (11)
    15. Florida (15)
    16. Memphis (14)
    17. Ohio State (17)
    18. Syracuse (19)
    19. Wake Forest (21)
    20. Xavier (NR)
    21. Villanova (22)
    22. Miami (18)
    23. Marquette (23)
    24. Georgetown (24)
    25. Baylor (25)

    New Additions: Xavier.

    Dropped Out: #20 USC.

    Also considered (in order): Davidson, UAB, St. Mary’s, UNLV, Wisconsin, Kansas, West Virginia, Missouri, LSU.

  4. Brian said

    I don’t see how Michigan can be ranked. Sure they beat UCLA but Duke totally dismantled them.

    Michigan will be a .500 team at best in the Big Ten.

  5. Patrick said

    Yeah, well maybe you are underrating how good Duke is. I consider them a top five team and you consider them at best a top ten team.

    Duke dismantling Michigan the night after they upset UCLA, a game in which they were down 29-19 at one point and the game ended around 11:30 EST, so I’m sure they were excited and didn’t get to bed until around 1:00 AM at the earliest. Then they played a team with more depth, talent, experience, and Duke destroyed SIU in the earlier game meaning they were better rested. Michigan looked tired, and thats why non-conference tournaments don’t say a lot about how your team will do in your respective conference.

    The Wolverines led by Harris and Sims will be a good Big Ten team and has a great chance to make the NCAA tournament.

  6. Zach said

    Gotta agree with Brian here. I think you’re overrating Michigan terribly based on 1 win over a UCLA squad that may not even be a top-15 caliber team. And your main argument is that Michigan didn’t get to sleep until late? Their game against Duke didn’t begin till like 8 PM.

  7. Patrick said

    That still throws your entire day off. If you go to bed at 1 AM your on a totally different time zone so don’t tell me that it wouldn’t play some factor.

    To say they will barely be .500 in the Big Ten seems ridiculous, they still have one of the better players in Manny Harris and John Beilein is a tremendous coach.

  8. Brian said

    This is the same Michigan team that went 10-22 (5-13) last year. They add Cronin, Douglass, Novak, and Person to the team but lost Udoh, Coleman, and Smith (14.8 ppg between them), plus a scrub or two.

    Obviously not the greatest of losses and they will be improved, but how much so?

    Looking at their Big Ten schedule I see 10 winnable games (vs. Illinois, at Indiana, vs. Iowa, vs. Ohio State, at Penn State, vs. Northwestern, vs. Penn State, at Northwestern, vs. Minnesota, and at Iowa). Since teams do not win every winnable game (unless you’re Carolina), you figure Michigan will win 7 or 8 of those winnable games. Throw in an upset or two (Wisconsin, Purdue, or Michigan State at home maybe?) and you have 8-10 or 9-9 at best.

  9. Zach said

    They had Manny Harris and John Beilein last year, too. I honestly was not that impressed by Harris in New York. He’s not an upper upper echelon player in college basketball this season.

    I see Michigan as an 8-10 Big Ten team this season clearly on the rise.

    One note Brian: They also add Laval Lucas-Perry second semester. Could be a player.

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