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Sunday’s Selections

Posted by Zach on November 23, 2008

Zach’s Picks: (Season Record: 33-33-1)

Southern California (-2.5) over Missouri- LOSS
Seton Hall (+5.5) over Virginia Tech- WIN
Connecticut (-5) over Miami (FL)- WIN
Xavier (+5) over Memphis- WIN
Wisconsin (-4.5) over San Diego- WIN

Tommy’s Picks (Season Record: 35-31-1)

Southern California (-2.5) over Missouri- LOSS
Seton Hall (+5.5) over Virginia Tech- WIN
Miami (FL) (+5) over Connecticut- LOSS
Memphis (-5) over Xavier- LOSS
San Diego (+4.5) over Wisconsin- LOSS

Patrick’s Picks: (Season Record: 35-31-1)

Southern California (-2.5) over Missouri- LOSS
Virginia Tech (-5.5) over Seton Hall- LOSS
Connecticut (-5) over Miami (FL)- WIN
Memphis (-5) over Xavier- LOSS
San Diego (+4.5) over Wisconsin- LOSS


15 Responses to “Sunday’s Selections”

  1. Zach said

    Sexalicious games today. The best thing? I get FCS Pacific!

  2. Brian said

    Interesting at they have that consensus box where they show the “expert” bets.

    6 out of 8 take Wisconsin minus the points.
    3 out of 4 take USC minus the points.
    8 out of 9 take Seton Hall plus the points.
    4 out of 5 take UConn minus the points.
    8 out of 9 take Memphis minus the points.

    Interesting to see how it shakes out with those overwhelming consensus picks.

  3. Daniel said

    Nice all on USC over Missouri suckers!

    Sorry, just excited about the Tigers’ win today.

  4. Zach said

    I am bad at picking college basketball games.

  5. David said

    I’ve struggled this season. USC needs to be more consistent… or just keep losing to big conference schools.

  6. Patrick said

    Xavier looks very good, why is it that Sean Miller keeps putting out great teams every season. Gonzaga of the East?

    Also, if Xavier does go on to win Missouri should move up in the polls basically getting second place in the tournament.

  7. David said

    Xavier always gets no respect, yet they always put a productive product on the floor. They probably have one of the best winning percentages during the past 5+ years.

  8. Zach said

    Two Elite 8’s as well, not even counting the Ron Lewis loss. I’m doing a Top 25 later tonight and they’ll definitely be ranked. Holloway is an impressive point guard.

    I’m just happy I’m not a Memphis fan. I couldn’t possibly take the free throws.

  9. Zach said


  10. Brian said

    Patrick, why should Missouri get 2nd place? They lost their first game to Xavier.

    1. Xavier (3-0), defeated Missouri, Virginia Tech, and Memphis.
    2. Memphis (2-1), defeated Chattanooga, Seton Hall, and lost to Xavier.
    3. Seton Hall (2-1), defeated USC, Virginia Tech, and lost to Memphis.
    4. Missouri (2-1), defeated Fairfield, USC, and lost to Xavier.
    5. Virginia Tech (1-2), defeated Fairfield, lost to Xavier and Seton Hall.
    6. USC (1-2), defeated Chattanooga, lost to Seton Hall and Missouri.
    7. Fairfield (1-2), defeated Chattanooga, lost to Virginia Tech and Missouri.
    8. Chattanooga (0-3), lost to Memphis, USC, and Fairfield.

    Based on the quality and quantity of wins, the standings are appropriate.

  11. Zach said

    I consider Seton Hall second based on that tournament. They’re officially a sleeper. But why are their jerseys so baggy? It looks like all their players have uniforms 2 sizes too big. Anyone else notice this?

  12. Brian said

    C’mon you know I love my Pirates but we are not the 2nd best team in that field. Memphis is on another level.

    I want to see how we peform against the weaker teams on our schedule before I annoint us as a bonafide sleeper, although 11-1 is a very good possibility heading to the Big East opener.
    How we perform in the league is a huge question at this point considering we have 8 eligible scholarship players. 8 pretty good ones (well 7, Walters sucks), but still just 8.

    And we do have the ugliest unis in college basketball. Our team looks like it’s straight from the playgrounds with those uniforms.

  13. David said

    I liked Bobby Gonzo as a coach at Manhattan, and I thought he’d do something at Seton Hall, looks like he’s starting to produce. That kid Garcia is a monster, even though his game against VT wasn’t amazing.

    Missouri and Seton Hall were impressive, USC was dissappointing, and Xavier proved that they will be a force in March.

  14. Patrick said

    Missouri only lost to Xavier by 4, Memphis lost by 5. The point differential for the Missouri in the tournament was +35, and Memphis’ point differential was +19.

    I would say the standings in my eyes are:

    1) Xavier (3-0)
    2) Missouri (2-1) beat Fairfield 87-59, and USC 83-72
    3) Memphis (2-1) lost title game
    4) Seton Hall (2-1) beat USC by smaller margin than Missouri, and beat Virginia Tech
    5) Virginia Tech (1-2) beat only Fairfield
    6) USC (1-2) beat only Chattanooga
    7) Fairfield (1-2) beat only Chattanooga
    8) Chattanooga (0-3)

    The Tigers had a very tough draw, facing the champions in the first round game. Memphis is a good team but I think the way Missouri played against Southern California in the last game of the tournament shows that they were the second best team.

  15. Brian said

    I just cannot buy Missouri being better than Memphis. I think Missouri (like Seton Hall) is much improved and I agree with David that those two teams were most impressive aside from Xavier, but Memphis is still a high quality basketball team.

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