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5 Things To Look For This College Basketball Season

Posted by Patrick on November 9, 2008

Ah! Do you guys smell that sweet aroma lingering in the air? I do, and it smells like a new college basketball season. So, here are the top five things that I will be looking for this college basketball season. It should be one hell of a ride.

1. Can North Carolina run the table?- Zach wrote a previous post that centered around this question, and there is no doubt that if any team is going to be able to do it, its UNC. Everyone is back, and I can assure you that UNC’s goal is to finish not only as National Champions but with a goose egg in the loss column. Although I was one of the people that said the Tar Heels will go undefeated, ever since Hansbrough’s injury I’ve had doubts. There are too many things that can go wrong during the long college basketball season and when you’re playing in a conference as tough as the ACC it would be damn near impossible to not slip up at some point. However, like the Patriots last season, it will be fun to watch this team “Chase Perfection”.

2. The Freshmen- Every season you hear people talk about why this year’s freshman class is better than the last, and after a while that argument gets pretty tiresome. However, I think it is very fun to watch how the freshman make the transition from high school to high major NCAA teams. Look out for DeMar DeRozan, BJ Mullens, Delvin Roe, Tyreke Evans, etc. (I could go on all day) to make a huge impact in college basketball this season.

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3. Stephen Curry- Stephen Curry is like your sibling that goes off to college and months later you realize that you miss him/her and had always taken them for granted. When Curry leaves for the NBA (fingers crossed that it never happens) we will realize a couple of months into the next college basketball season just how much we miss that kid. So take advantage of the opportunity this year, it may be your last chance to see Curry play meaningful basketball.

4. Coaching Changes- Its always fun to analyze the top coaching moves and how they play out, especially when it is a former mid-major coach making the transition to coaching a BCS conference team. Look for Keno Davis, Travis Ford, Trent Johnson, Tom Crean, and Buzz Williams this season as the coaches that will be under the most pressure in the first year with their teams.

5. Gus Johnson- Well, you can’t really look at him while you watch games so this is more of a “Top 5 Things To Listen For”. Everyone that has listened to Gus Johnson announce a close game knows that no one else is in his league in terms of getting into the moment. Now Johnson is at the Big Ten Network, so get ready to watch MSU-Purdue go down to the wire while Gus Johnson loses his vocal cords. I can hear it now “Lucas brings it up the court! Gives it to Roe outside the key! Pump-fake! FIIIIIIIRRRRRRREEEESSS!!!!!!!!!!! ITS GOOOOOOOOOOOOD! THE SPARTANS WIN!!!!” (or insert players from Purdue and switch Spartans to Boilers).

I don’t know about you but I can’t wait.

6 Responses to “5 Things To Look For This College Basketball Season”

  1. Zach said

    Top Five for me:

    1. If Jay Bilas finally creams his pants on-air talking about Tyler Hansbrough’s passion.
    2. If I can stay awake for the 1:00 AM finish to San Diego-Saint Mary’s
    3. LETS GO DUKE! LETS GO DUKE! Seriously, I’m anxious to hear if they actually came up with a new chant for one fucking possession
    4. If Rick Pitino wears the white suit again

  2. Jeremy said

    “ever since Hansbrough’s injury I’ve had doubts”

    Yeah I was worried about that two but after watching the exhibition game the other night I must say they look pretty good on defense(which is where I thought might be a problem withotu Ginyard and Hans). Granted, it was a d-2 school but they showed good rebounding, aggressiveness, playing the passing lanes, and outright stealing…all of which they were soft on last year at this time. I hope it happens but it will be tough to get through Maui and Michigan State.

  3. Jeremy said

    1. For all of ESPN “experts” to realize that no matter how good UCLA is they will still drop out in the Final Four.

    2. For the NCAA committee to take away the elevated courts after some poor kid goes flying 90 feet into the stands. (hopefully Greg Paulus from Duke)

    3. If there will be an announcement of Texas playing UNC next year.

    4. If people finally see that Gonzaga will not be good despite them clinging to the past.

    5. If Bob Knight makes a come back to coaching since he is about to pimp-slap one of the ESPN Game Day guys.

  4. Zach said

    2. For the NCAA committee to take away the elevated courts after some poor kid goes flying 90 feet into the stands. (hopefully Greg Paulus from Duke)

    I second the Paulus part.

  5. Patrick said

    Hey! Gonzaga will be good, and speaking of the past remember when Gonzaga beat UNC in the Pre-Season NIT?

    Oh Happy Day

  6. Jeremy Pfingsten said

    Patrick….I hate you so much

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