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Patrick’s Official Season Predictions

Posted by Patrick on November 8, 2008

Here are my official season predictions, and they are a lot different than Zach’s.


ACC Champ: North Carolina Tar Heels, Player of the Year: Tyler Hansbrough

Big Ten Champ: Purdue Boilermakers, Player of the Year: BJ Mullens

Big East Champ: Connecticut Huskies, Player of the Year: Luke Harangody

Big 12 Champ: Texas Longhorns, Player of the Year: Blake Griffin

SEC East Champ: Tennessee Volunteers

SEC West Champ: Mississippi State Bulldogs, Player of the Year: Patrick Patterson

Pac-10 Champ: UCLA Bruins, Player of the Year: James Harden

First Team All America: Tyler Hansbrough, BJ Mullens, James Harden, Blake Griffin, Stephen Curry

Player of the Year: James Harden

Coach of the Year: Mark Few

Defensive Player of the Year: Hasheem Thabeet

Breakout Player: Marcus Landry

Sleeper NCAA Tournament Team: San Diego

Sleeper Final Four Team: Pittsburgh

Top Non-BCS Team: Gonzaga

Top Mid Major (not Gonzaga or Memphis or UNLV): Davidson

Top Freshman: BJ Mullens

Final Four: North Carolina, Gonzaga, Arizona State, Connecticut

National Champion: North Carolina

2 Responses to “Patrick’s Official Season Predictions”

  1. Zach said

    Mark Few as coach of the year and Gonzaga in the Final Four? From a kid that owns a Derek Raivio jersey? Never would have guessed.

    Let’s just say I don’t buy Arizona State as much as you. James Harden can certainly carry that team, though.

    Mississippi State!

    And dude, just marry B.J. Mullens already.

  2. Patrick said

    I went out on a limb with Arizona State and Gonzaga, but it gives me teams to root for. I think they both have the talent to make the Final Four, and I think after UNC and UConn a lot is up for grabs.

    If Gonzaga made the Final Four Few would be coach of the year IMO, so that’s why I did that.

    And for the record, if Mullens popped the question, I’d consider…..

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