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Pac-10 Preview: #3 Washington Huskies

Posted by Patrick on November 5, 2008

#3 Washington Huskies– Coach: Lorenzo Romar (7th year)

PG- Justin Dentmon: Dentmon is an experienced senior that has been getting major time at point guard ever since his freshman year. He has the ability to score in large amounts, but saw a major decline in his stats last season. His free throw percentage fell almost 10 percent, and he averaged one less assist per game than in his first two seasons as a Huskie. However, he did cut down on his turnovers which, if he continues to play smart basketball, will help tremendously. Dentmon is also a solid defender and has advanced court vision. His primary job will be finding an open Jon Brockman and getting him the basketball.

PG- Venoy Overton: Overton is just a sophomore, but he got plenty of game experience last season even as a freshman. This year, he could receive just as much time running the point, especially if Dentmon is struggling. The problem with Overton is his tendency for turnovers and his outside shot is nothing more than mediocre, but if he knows his role on the team and can play good defense then he should make a solid contribution to the Huskies.

SG-Elston Turner: Turner is one of three incoming freshman that look to make a major impact for Washington this season. He has a big frame at 6’4” and 190 lbs, and has great scoring ability when given the chance. The only problem is that he is an easy player for a good defender to shut down, and he will be seeing a lot of quality defenders in this conference.

SG-Scott Suggs: In my opinion, Suggs is the best of the three incoming freshman guards. He has the ability to take the ball to the basket, and he has a great outside shot. Suggs is also a very athletic player that loves to get the ball in transition, and can kill other teams when he’s on the fast break. Defending isn’t his strong suit but he is still an adequate defender that can shut down some average players. I’d look for Scott Suggs to make a major impact at Washington this season.

SF-Quincy Pondexter: Washington’s frontcourt is anchored by two players: Pondexter and Jon Brockman. While Pondexter is no Brockman, he is still a very solid basketball player that can score points in the paint and grab rebounds down low. His free throw shooting was average last season, but if he improves on that he will be a very tough player to stop in the Pac-10. Pondexter often feeds off of Brockman’s success, so if Brockman is having a great game look for Pondexter to do the same.

PF-Jon Brockman: Brockman could play on any team in the nation in any conference, and still be a first team all-conference caliber player. He is a lot like Luke Harangody of Notre Dame: tremendously strong, athletic, and loves to score. Brockman is also a great defender that pulls down lots of rebounds; he will be the lifeblood of this Huskie team and could lead them to a possible Sweet 16 appearance in March.

Bench: Depending on which point guard is coming off the bench, they will play a major impact for this team. Also big men like senior Artem Wallace and freshman Tyreese Breshers will play big roles in the frontcourt. Washington has a great starting five, but they lose a lot in terms of depth; however, if Romar can find a solid eight man rotation (barring foul trouble with Brockman) they should have no trouble living up to their expectations in the Pac-10 this season.

Backcourt: B

Frontcourt: A

Bench: B-

Coach: B+

Bottom Line: As I said before this team will revolve around Brockman, but this doesn’t mean that they don’t need other players to step up. If Dentmon and Pondexter can do more than will be asked of them it will not only make Brockman’s job easier but it will also help the freshmen settle into their roles on the team. Like many Pac-10 teams, Washington is young and they will have their growing pains. However, having a player as good as Brockman will help come tourney time and in those close conference matchups. I expect nothing less than a tournament appearance and a first round victory.

Key Non-Conference Games: CBE Classic (11/20-11/25), Oklahoma State (12/4)

Key Conference Games: USC (1/22), UCLA (1/24), at Arizona State (1/31), at USC (2/21), Arizona State (2/26)

Projected Postseason Finish: NCAA (Second Round)

6 Responses to “Pac-10 Preview: #3 Washington Huskies”

  1. Kevin said

    Do you even know who MBA and IT are? Your analysis loses all credibility without their names mentioned.

  2. Black Dragon said

    That is “Husky” not “Huskie”.. Also you forgot Gant, who is a potential starter this year not to mention othe other 2 starters in IT and MBA. Potentially 3 starters not mentioned here…There is a 7 footer coming off the bench named Wolf that could be pretty good too if he can stay healthy.

  3. Zach said

    Yeah dude, mentioning Isiah Thomas would help. He could make an immediate impact.

    I just don’t buy the Huskies as much as you do. Brockman is a tremendous player. Hard to refute that. Other than that, how is this team better than USC and Hackett-Lewis-DeRozan-Gibson-Stephenson (possibly). That lineup is far and away better, not to mention an edge coach-wise. Too much youth on this Washington team to finish 3rd unless Pondexter has a huge year.

  4. Patrick said

    I like Washington over USC because I think USC needs to learn how to play team basketball. They had a lot of trouble with that last season, plus I think Brockman can be a first team All-American and lead this team back to glory.

  5. Zach said


  6. Nfimoszf said

    jJYTts comment3 ,

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