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My Top 30 Favorites (Thus Far)

Posted by Zach on October 14, 2008

(Before I get to this post, I have to show this because it’s freaking hilarious.)

Rush The Court (thanks for linking us again…love the top design) is properly ripping off the Reasons Why I Love the NBA promos. You know, the ones where it says Where Game Winners Happen and it shows Ray Allen nailing a three at the buzzer. Anyway, I have a few favorites from their list and thought I’d post them here. That’s right, I’m in a posting mood.

Wayne Ellington silencing the Clemson crowd in one of the best games of the year:

My favorite freshman, DeMar DeRozan, showing why he’s my favorite freshman:

Expect plenty of this from Blake Griffin this season. Especially if the offseason training stories are true:

3 Responses to “My Top 30 Favorites (Thus Far)”

  1. Jeremy said

    bwhahahah @ Dicki V. Thats classic. I may have to get a big print of that for my desk.

  2. Tommy said

    i’m pretty sure derozan isn’t human

  3. Patrick said

    Mullens is better, put that on record.

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