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Monday News & Notes

Posted by Zach on July 14, 2008

-Tim Floyd can breath a sigh of relief as stud incoming freshman Demar DeRozan has been cleared to play by the NCAA after receiving a qualifying ACT score. If he hadn’t qualified, a trip to Europe with Brandon Jennings may have followed. DeRozan was Scout’s 6th ranked player in the nation but his stock is flying right now. He was recently invited to the LeBron James Skills Camp and has the most NBA potential of any incoming freshman. He’s the one newcomer I’m most looking forward to seeing this season. USC has a great chance to contend in the Pac-10 with favorites UCLA and Arizona State, led by Taj Gibson, Daniel Hackett and DeRozan. FOX Sports also reports they’re in the running for UNC transfer Alex Stepheson.

Lute Olson lashed out at the one-and-done rule the NBA and NCAA have instituted for players guaranteeing each prospect have one year in “college.” Olson, who recently saw his most prized signee Brandon Jennings depart for Europe rather than play at Arizona, said clearly he would not sign any one-and-done players in the near future. Sure, Lute. This will last about six months. Olson proposed a deal where high school kids can enter the NBA straight out of high school, but if they opt for college, they have to stay for two or three years. I can see the reasoning behind this only if we start to see more and more players go to Europe to the point where it gets out of control. Then reform is needed.

– News from the CBS camp: Billy Packer will no longer be the lead announcer for college basketball and the NCAA Tournament. In fact, he’ll no longer be with the network at all. Packer always was a bright and intelligent basketball mind, but came across as arrogant and I never enjoyed him calling the biggest hoops games of the season. I was especially put off when he admitted in front of a camera he didn’t even enjoy sports anymore. Clark Kellogg will now be the lead analyst alongside Jim Nantz, with a rumor circulating that Greg Anthony will replace Kellogg in the studio with Seth Davis and Greg Gumbel. Big ups to CBS for making a much needed transition in their college basketball coverage.

– Andy Katz had some good conversations with Georgetown head coach John Thompson III and NC State coach Sidney Lowe about their chances in 2008-09. Thompson didn’t express too much remorse about losing Vernon Macklin to Florida (somewhat hurtful loss) and Jeremiah Rivers to Indiana (not much of a loss at all) because of the instant replacements in freshmen Greg Monroe and Henry Sims, along with a healthy Chris Wright taking over guard duties. Thompson expecting immediate contention in the loaded Big East may be too much to ask; I see them as a middle-of-the-pack team. Sidney Lowe says last year’s disappointing campaign was marked by a lack of a true point guard and the decline of junior forward Brandon Costner, who saw his PPG go down nearly eight points. Costner and McCauley need to step up as seniors for the Wolfpack to contend.

– Some dates to circle for big games: UCLA will play a home game against Notre Dame in a battle of top ten teams on February 9 in the thick of conference season, and will play @ Texas on December 4 as part of the Big 12/Pac 10 Hardwood series. Missouri, who lost guard Keon Lawrence to Seton Hall, will also be a part of the Puerto Rico tournament with Memphis, USC, Xavier and Virginia Tech. Oklahoma will face USC at home on December 4, also. Kansas State, who added UConn transfer Curtis Kelly, will play @ Michigan State and @ Arizona.

7 Responses to “Monday News & Notes”

  1. Travis said

    This is really sad I didn’t hear about Demar having to qualify his test score to play at USC. This is pathetic that they can’t even pass the ACT or SAT its not that hard. Yet their going to be millionaries soon. What kind of message does that send to the teenage youth who can’t play sports? That working hard in school gets you nowhere.

  2. Patrick said

    There are pros and cons to this, for the cons of course none of these kids are getting an education at school, and it does send a bad message to the youth that either dream of being a good basketball player, or work hard in school and see that even people that don’t work hard do well.

    However, it does help young African American men that may be on the streets if not in the gyms playing basketball. Should it be to this extent where they are making millions of dollars a year for putting a ball in the basket? Probably not, but there are many good role models in the NBA that kids can look up to (example Vince Carter who missed some NBA games so he could graduate from college).

  3. Zach said

    Vince Carter is an NBA role model??? Are you joking? The same guy that purposely tanked games to get out of his huge Raptors contract and force them to trade him because he wasn’t trying and didn’t show up for practice? That Vince Carter?

    Ray Allen is a role model.

  4. Travis said

    Why do African Americans have to be on the streets? We never hear (Asians, Indians) on the streets. In fact, we keep hearing that they are becoming doctors and lawyers. I agree with you though that playing basketball will keep kids from doing bad things. But, many kids are concentrating on basketball more than their education. Case in point (Demar Derozan, Brandon Jennings) if they can’t even pass their act, sat tests. But these guys are going to be millionaries soon. But for every two of these guys there are millions of kids that want to be like them. And many of them are African American men. What’s happens if you concentrate on basketball. And don’t make it to the NBA? You fail high school and don’t get a diploma? What now?

  5. Patrick said

    Right, that is a huge problem with today’s African American community. Everyone wants to be a basketball star but of course everyone can’t be a basketball star. The problem is that a lot of the rap artists/basketball players aren’t saying “Go finish school” they’re not finishing school and talking about drugs, degrading women, and shooting people. The NBA and corporations like Nike and Reebok that give athletes 1.5 million dollars to put their names on shoes and sell at ridiculous prices to little kids are all a part of this. The NBA could say that every athlete has to attend at least 3 years of school like the NFL, and I think for the most part we would see more players finishing school. However, players like Brandon Jennings come around and blow off school all together. Ever since these kids were 14 years old they’ve been told that education is overrated, AAU teams treat these kids like NBA players and they are gods at their high schools. Its been getting worse, and although its almost impossible to stop we need to try.

  6. Patrick said

    Oh and Zach I was just saying that Vince Carter went back and finished school. He was in the NBA but still thought it was important to graduate, he’s done bad stuff in his career but he did finish school so at least give him credit.

  7. Zach said

    I’ll give him that. Still a major asshole.

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