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Billy Packer “Packs It Up”

Posted by Tommy on July 14, 2008

After 34 consecutive Final Fours, Billy Packer is finally ousted as the “color” commentator. The riveting combination of Jim Nantz and Billy Packer will be broken up for next year’s Final Four. Could this be a result of Packer’s “This Game is Over” call when Kansas was up 38-12 with 7 minutes to go in the first half? I don’t know, but his exit has been long overdue. Now, you may be asking yourself, “shouldn’t this call for a celebration?” This is true, we won’t have to listen to Packer’s golf tournament voice during the most exciting sporting event in the United States. But don’t get the party hats out quite yet, because Packer’s replacement is CBS’s studio analyst Clark Kellogg. Don’t get me wrong, Kellogg does a pretty good job in the studio beside Greg Gumbel, but I really cannot see Kellogg being any more fun to listen to than Packer. Kellogg certainly has the announcing experience for the job, but the huge transition from the studio to calling the biggest games of the college basketball season will show during the Final Four.

The real man for the job, and I’m sure my colleagues will attest to this as well, is Gus Johnson. Just imagine how much crazier UNC’s comeback would have been with Johnson on the mic. Every college basketball fan remembers Johnson’s calls: Ohio State vs. Xavier, UCLA vs. Gonzaga; he has a great history of riveting calls and he really brings out the best of college basketball’s excitement. The Nantz-Kellogg duo won’t bring nearly as much excitement to the Final Four as Gus Johnson would. It’s a sad thing to see such talent go to waste…

4 Responses to “Billy Packer “Packs It Up””

  1. Dan said

    Well Johnson does play-by-play so he wouldn’t team up with Nantz.

    Nantz is extremely talented and has had a great career. He deserves to be the lead play-by-play announcer. I actually prefer Gus Johnson and Dick Enberg more than Nantz but you have to respect Nantz’ career.

    I actually really like Clark Kellog. I think he’ll do a great job.

  2. Aaron said

    I have to agree that Johnson would do great, but Kellogg is very good and is a huge improvement! Adios Billy!

  3. Patrick said

    No one is better than Gus Johnson, but anyone is better than Billy Packer.

    I want to see Johnson/Raftery that is by far the best crew

  4. Zach said

    I think Kellogg will be fine. And Nantz is pretty solid, sometimes anti-climatic, but usually the best games are at the regionals anyway and Gus has that covered.

    The best crew in all of sports is McDonough-Raftery-Bilas on Big Monday. The chemistry and analysis is just sensational.

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