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Stephen Curry Is Switching Positions

Posted by Patrick on July 10, 2008

Davidson fans know that losing Jason Richards, a top point guard in last year’s tournament, could have a devastating effect on the Wildcats success in the 2008-09 season. Without a great player to get Stephen Curry the ball Davidson could run into a lot of problems when playing the likes of: North Carolina, Duke, and any other NCAA tournament team. Bob McKillop has made the decision that Curry will play point guard next season; not only will he have his best player with the ball in his hands every possession, but who better to get Stephen Curry the ball than Curry himself?

There is also a possibility that this could increase his draft stock as he is probably too small to play shooting guard on an NBA team so having the experience playing point is what GMs will want to see. Now, Curry isn’t totally foreign to the position (he played point guard at his high school) and probably won’t see too many transition problems. He has also been honing his point guard skills at all of the elite basketball camps around the country i.e.: LeBron James’, Chris Paul’s, and Steve Nash’s camps. It will certainly be a fun year for Davidson fans watching Curry bring the ball down the court.

Other News:

Doneal Mack is still deciding on whether he will stay at New Orleans or attempt to transfer back to Memphis.

Derrick Caracter is still looking to transfer from Louisville, but he has to finish up some summer courses to get his grades up. Caracter cannot transfer to another Big East school.

The NCAA has a new chairman of the Division 1 Men’s Basketball Committee, UCLA athletic director Dan Guerrero. He will take over for Mike Slive (who is also commissioner of the SEC).

Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers lands another kid in college as son Austin has now signed with Florida for the 2011 season. His other son Jeremiah will be a member of the Indiana Hoosiers, but will have to sit out next year due to transfer rules.

Georgia freshman Jeremy Jacob, a four star recruit, who spent most of last season injured will transfer. He averaged 5.2 PPG last season, he will also still have 4 years of eligibility wherever he ends up.

4 Responses to “Stephen Curry Is Switching Positions”

  1. Zach said

    There’s no doubt in my mind Curry can make the transition. He’s used to the heavy workload coming off screens all game as a 2-guard and his ballhandling has always been sufficient. Showing NBA scouts and working in his PG skills at these elite camps was a good move for him and for Davidson.

  2. Patrick said

    Exactly, I don’t see him playing SG in the NBA, there is no way he just isn’t big enough. Also you usually want your best basketball mind running point so that’s a big win for Davidson.

  3. Dan said

    Richards was a fine point guard and had some gaudy assist numbers, but I think Curry made him the type of player that he became. Without Curry’s presence on the court, I don’t think Richards puts up nearly the same numbers. He’ll be missed but Davidson won’t skip a beat without him.

  4. Patrick said

    I disagree, I think Davidson will miss a beat. There is no way that they’ll get back to the Elite 8 it just won’t happen, and Jason Richards was an excellent point guard even without Curry. Someone had to get Paulhaus-Gosselin and others the ball, and Richards was very good at it. Maybe that was McKillop’s system and Curry’s presence, or maybe it was just that Richards was that good (I’ll take the latter).

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