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Crean’s Situation At IU Worsens

Posted by Tommy on July 9, 2008

After leaving Marquette for the Indiana Hoosiers, Tom Crean has “inherited a tremendous amount of dysfunction” with the dismissals of Armon Basset, Jamarcus Ellis, DeAndre Thomas, and Brandon McGee from the Hoosiers’ basketball team. To add insult to injury, Jordan Crawford and Eli Holman left the program. Now, IU will give up two much needed scholarships for next season due to violations of the NCAA’s Academic Progress Rate. Teams can lose scholarships due to the APR if players are academically ineligible, or if players who leave the university wouldn’t have been eligible if they had stayed. The loss of these two scholarships, added with the loss of one scholarship due to Kelvin Sampson’s recruiting violations will really hinder IU in returning to the top tier of the Big 10, a familiar location for Hoosier basketball fans.

These dismissals, leaving players, and violations will make Crean’s job a tough one considering not one familiar name from last year’s team will be returning. We’ll see what Tom Crean can do with eight scholarship players for the ’08-’09 season, and another scholarship available. One piece of good news for the optimistic Hoosier fans is that Crean has a terrific record regarding the academics of his players. It will be interesting to see how Crean will lead one of college basketball’s most prestigious programs through these rough times.

6 Responses to “Crean’s Situation At IU Worsens”

  1. Patrick said

    With all the problems at IU, I still feel like Crean will have them back on their feet in a couple of years. I mean come on, how hard is it to get a recruit to Indiana, especially for Crean who was great at recruiting for Marquette.

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  3. Travis said

    Isn’t Malik Story coming to Indiana? I heard he’s pretty good.

  4. Bloomington Resident old hoosier fan said

    I am not a fan of the way IU has handled the basketball program since Bob Knight was fired. I do think it was time for knight to go but not the way IU handled it!! Bob Knight, although I am not a Knight fan, was an Indiana Icon. He should not have been publicly humiliated with the firing and all. Then what a mistake Davis was!! Lets hire a guy that takes Knights players and goes to the NCAA finals. Davis did not coach them. They all were prepped by Knight and Davis let them play like they were on the playground.

    Ok, now the biggest mistake in IU history. Lets hire a guy already in trouble with violations within the NCAA and hire him for Indian’s new head coach!! Did they not remember Knights no tolerance policy? I can not believe they fired a guy for poor behavior and then hire a guy with NCAA violations. Now, IU with a tarnished reputation has to scrape The Bottom of the barrel
    by dealing with the removal of Sampson.

    IU should have never hired someone with Sampson’s history.

    Now we have Crean. I have no opinion of Crean at this point. I am a fan of the Basket ball program a players. I grew up watching players such as *

    Steve Alford * Isiah Thomas
    * Eric Anderson # Damon Bailey
    Uwe Blab Keith Smart
    A. J. Guyton Dean Garrett

    I also attended Indiana University. I want the program to get back to the way it was. At present it is a wounded program. I am getting older an can not stand the old statement, “We always have next year.” How many years do we have to wait for it to be the next year and get the program back to the top of the BIG TEN and the nation.

    I hope Crean is a great coach. He will have to be for the 2008 season to be worth watching.

    But, I guess we always have next year?

  5. Tommy said

    Crean is a great guy for the job and has a similar no-tolerance policy with his players and his players have had history of great graduation rate and class attendance. With that said, Crean really has his hands full to say the least with the IU job, but I’d give him 2 or 3 years to get IU back to the top of the Big 10.

  6. Travis Outlaw said

    I agree with what Tommy said. Tom Crean is one of the best coaches in NCCA basketball. Remember he coached Dwyane Wade and Travis Diener. I excepted him to be very successful in Indiana. And have the same success with Malik Story. And turn him into an NBA player.

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